This page is for frequent visitors to use to find out what recently has been updated on this site. We are always changing or adding content to the web to show you , the potential customer all the different types of things we do.

Please scroll down to the bottom for most recent news, as this website is now over 25 years of age!

JUNE 1994:

With the help of cousin Jennifer Ogilvie and my friend Andrew Flach the website was born as a gift to my father John on his 50th Birthday.

MARCH 2002:

.....after 8 years we decided to add this "WHAT'S NEW" page with 20 + pictures showing you how a custom door was built, from A to Z!

APRIL 2002

Customer feedback page from customers who have purchased our doors, windows etc.. CLICK HERE

JUNE 2002

images posted throughout the site including more door styles!

Click the VISA/MASTERCARD logo on the left sidebar to view our credit authorization form that is printable.


feature story on us in Canadian Homes and Cottages Magazine


new page added with more information on unfinished wood flooring available from Hoffmeyer's plus:


custom wooden GIFT CERTIFICATES are available in any amount for ideal Christmas gifts or on any occasion!! We personalize this by routing our details on a block of wood for no charge, and sending you a piece of wood keepsake so you have something to wrap up under the tree instead of a plain old envelope! An example could be :

"Merry Christmas Chuck Wood"

One Custom Screen Door from:



More images posted in the doors section, plus our fancy mahogany windows installed are now shown in the windows section of the website. Click the image below to view more!

Pine flooring and Hardwood flooring is more popular than ever. Contact Hoffmeyer's with all your needs. We stock wide plank pine flooring , red pine flooring , hardwood strip oak flooring and strip maple flooring. We also stock thicker porch flooring that is 1 1/8" thick plus we can get it 1 3/8" or 1 3/4" thick as well. We can ship out flooring usually within 2 weeks!


APRIL 2003

The snow is finally gone and we have just received our first batch of barn boards for the year. Pricing is so far the same as last year too! Millwork is still going strong.


JULY 2003

Cory Mielke has been given a full time job at the Mill after completing a co-op education term with us this past school year.



More and more images have been uploaded to our site. Please wait for the pictures to load.

APRIL 2004

We have just completed two more 11 foot round top windows for Vinalhaven, Maine just off the coast of Rockland.


Son Reg Ogilvie and wife Ruth Ann purchased the company from parents John and Sharon Ogilvie.

JULY 2005

We have been very busy again this year. I have 50 images of interesting work that has been completed at the mill recently but have not had the time to upload them to the website. Please be sure to add us to your favorites and check back periodically to view our work.


We've finally had a chance to upload some fresh images to the website. We have millwork orders booked into March, 2006. Some more basic orders such as flooring, mouldings amd railings etc. can be filled sooner.

MARCH 2006

Canadian country rocker's Emerson Drive filmed their first single from the hit album Countryfied ,"A good man" on site at our mill on Thursday, March 23rd.

These guys are FANTASTIC!

If the link above does not work, youtbe link is below. Check it (us) out!

Emerson Drive Video


March 30, 2006

Daniel Emerson Ogilvie, born in Stratford, Ontario weighing in at 8 pounds, 14 oz.

Mother Ruth Ann and Daniel are doing fine!


JUNE 2006

See our Good men featured in their music video on TV or download it from the CMT website below. We are at time of writing sitting in 7th and climbing on the CMT Chevy top 20 chart in Canada!




See us featured in the September 8th,2006 edition of the

Toronto Globe and Mail:




July 2007

Windows supplied to contractor in MA, USA for Harvard University.


September 18th 2008


Baby Heather Lillian Ogilvie, born Stratford Ontario weighing in at 7 pounds, 5 oz. shown with Mom Ruth Ann and brother Daniel.

A Millionaire's Family indeed!

October 2008

Ian Wijnands joins the staff part time.


February 2009

The Home Renovation TAX CREDIT has passed! Canadians who complete home renovations over the next year can receive a 15% tax credit (up to $1350). Take advantage of these savings! You simply accumulate your receipts for most all home renovations for the year and claim the credit on next years income tax return. Read about it below:


JUNE 2009

John is offically an old timer, reaching 65 years of age. The website is 15 years old (yeah we are pioneers in web presence too!)


Ian is off to school. Thanks for the good work!

John Walsh is added to the workforce three days a week. His machinist background has already proven helpful around the mill.


Happy New Year! - we are now machining with a new wood product called Accoya. Read more HERE

Reg and wife Ruth Ann are now both 40 years young!


A fresh truckload of 30,000' of 1 x 12 Pine has just arrived and price is lower this year than last year!

Oh yeah - also now on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE, next up Twitter (if I figure out the other two).


The 27th will go down as a special day for Hoffmeyer's. Customers Paul and Vanessa exchanged vows on the property. It could not have been a more lovely day for the ceremony. Read more here:



Here's to both of you for health and happiness for many years to come!

2012 is here and almost gone already! Being November 8th at time of writing all I can say is that it has been very busy at the mill!



Carl Strasser retires in December 2011 after some 34 years at the mill and January 2012, Dave Faulhafer has joined our team as our newest carpenter. Welcome Dave and thank you Carl!


January 2014

Happy New Year and it is -25C on the 7th of January.

We're into our 40th year of running the mill. Ogilvie's came to Sebringville in 1974.

Plenty of good wood (and SNOW) in stock - so much we are running out of room. Come score a deal!

June 10, 2014


John O's Birthday as well as the websites 20th Birthday. Time flies! The website is dated and some may say disorganized but it is still working ...and more importantly keeping all of us working.

August 2016:

August 19th, 2016 marks 42 years the Ogilvie family has been operating the mill.

JULY 2017


Grant Minke and JakeNey join the team.


FEB 23, 2017


Sad day for all of us at the mill as we lost John Ogilvie


July 2018

One of the last Porches John helped us with was for The Jefferies. All we had to go off of was a few old pictures of the home from the early 1900's


Bay window below is behind the older gentleman on right side of top picture.

Phase 1 is complete and we are working on Phase 2 at time of posting. More pictures to come!

JULY 2018 - Bob Scott joins the team bringing many years on woodowrking experience on board.

OCTOBER 2018 - Dave Faulhafer re-joins the crew.

January 2019 - Here is hoping for a Great Year after a rough 2018. Miss you Dad!

June 2019 - Website is now 25 years young. Yes, we've been online longer than google!

SEE OUR SHIPLAP PAGE to get in on the new products that we can now offer as well as custom mill to your liking. More new products have come out in past 10 years than previous 20 mainly through automation. These factory prefinished options for both interior and exterior caldding save time and offer superior finish over manually coated tradtional wood products.

August 1, 2019


THANK YOU to Linda Gilbert for 35 years of service. Enjoy your retirement!

Welcome Jackie MacArthur to the company.

2020 - well, let's just forget about 2020, shall we??

2021 Office Renovations:

Fresh installation of White Oak hardwood flooting!


We found this, never used and in pretty good condition.

March 2021:

We now distribute SARCO Putty in Canada! www.sarcoputty.com

The RAM hauling some Pine flooring to Huntsville and Oak flooring to Deep River, Ontario, June 2021.



2022 begins Reg's 18th year as owner/operator (33 year of service) of the mill. Son Daniel is now working part time after school/weekends helping his father and the rest of the team.

Jessica Johnson joins the team.

October 2023 brings a couple of updated images to our website. Can you find them?

2024 begins the Ogilvie era of Hoffmeyers into year 50! YES FIFTY years! we have a few things up our sleeve for this year. Stay tuned!


Click here to the MEDIA section of our website where there is now a posted video of a feature TV show all about our mill.



call or email sales@hoffmeyersmill.on.ca for details or if you have any questions.




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