Benches built by Hoffmeyer's:

A 6 foot and an 8 foot Cedar Garden Bench.

Built here at Hoffmeyer's, we use quality "Tight Knot Appearance Grade" Western Red Cedar

The 6 foot model below runs at $260 Canadian dollars (approx. $242 US dollars)


These benches are built to stand the test of time and are comfortable.

You can supply us with your design and I will quote. This design is in Solid White Ash hardwood and is a heavyweight coming in at well over 100 pounds. This bench would run around $1500 Candian dollars. The fancier the design, the more time, the more money. If we were to build more than a "one off", the price could go down somewhat. Afterall, it is quicker to build 10 and one time vs. building one ten times. That said, we are not set up to make 5000 of them for Walmart or Home Depot. We are a custom shop, not a production shop. We build to order. "Quality over Quantity" as they say comes to mind.

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