Hoffmeyer's Mill has been manufacturing wood window sash and storm windows since 1906. We are primarily set to machine 1 3/8" or 1 3/4" thickness. The shapers, mortise and tenon machines have been regularly maintained and as a result we have the capacity to build you new "old" windows. Our experienced carpenters have been making quality work in our mill for over 30 years and were taught by the same who were taught by the same. We have new generations learning the trade and plan to continue making quality products for many years to come. These windows are primarily suited for renovation/restoration market.

Irregular shapes and sizes are not a problems as we are a custom shop that builds to suit each unique application. Please view the entire page to see examples of our fine work created at our mill.

Circa 1855 Heritage listed "Regency" cottage in Guelph,Ontario. We have supplied many windows and storms in the beautiful restoration of this home.



Windows completed by Hoffmeyer's for a home in Escarpment country.

What a room!

At Hoffmeyer's we are using the same machines that have built windows for over a Century.


We can build you windows to match your existing windows if you are doing a restoration or an addition.

We use bronze compression strips for smooth operation and draft seal at the meeting rail and jamb.

We also build Storm Windows as well as Screens. Bronze and fibreglass screening is available.

A 15" diameter circular sash with 4 true divided lites. Interior and exterior casings are turned on the lathe.

examples of Accoya windows we made for a building in Pierce Gaspe, Quebec in 2019

Accoya wood is warranted from decay above grade applications for 50 years.



Below you can see windows that have been reproduced to Gateway National Recreational area in Staten Island , New York. The second images shows you the lot as we prepare to ship. This partuclar windows were constructed using tempered thermo units with LOW E argon filled glass. Applied to the new units is a wide exterior casing that was removed from the orignal unit whihc was sent up to us to aid in duplicating the style as closely as possible.


A pair of 11 foot round top windows ready to be shipped to Maine

4 and 6 "true divided lite" sash on not your typical garden shed. Thanks Dan!


Hoffmeyer's uses Historic machinery to manufacture Sash and Doors

Here is a typical storm window before assembly.

A closer look shows the mortise and tennon joinery we use in our windows and doors.

our shaper that mills out the profile for sash.

Six over one style, to be installed in Goderich, Ontario

here they are, installed. Thanks Scott!

Above is a "six over six" style complete unit with storm window installed.

Above shows you our matching capabilities, whatever style or layout you may need!


Again, almost any style can be built.

A closer view of our muntin profile and expert joinery.

Again, most any size of sash can be produced here at Hoffmeyer's.

we use Sarco glazing putty and offer it for sale to our Canadian customers in both the professional and DIY market.

Gothic style windows can still be produced.


Above is a large unit of windows ready to be shipped to the USA.

More loose sash for casement type windows primed and glazed.

Reproduction of old windows is our specialty.

.....a closer look!

This window is being used on a heritage designated apartment building in Downtown Toronto.

another round top window we reproduced.

These arched top windows are made from 2 1/4" thick African Mahogany.

on the right you can see the old falling apart example we had as our guide.

There were many hours spent laying out these complex windows.

Curved casings also had to be duplicated.

Order is shown almost ready to be shipped to Shelton, CT, USA.

Above shows you the windows installed. We made these windows just like the originals, only better!

a house lot of 18 windows ready to be shipped.


More units:

ACCOYA wood is a superior material choice now available (2010) from Hoffmeyer's Mill

Cottage Casements manufactured from Accoya wood located on Higgins Lake, MI

Thanks Erik!

A new sash for the Avonbank Church.

We make window sash and storm windows for most any application!

Reproduction gothic sash, storm and 12" deep frame. Colored rolled catherdral glass is available.

Matching doors to go below the Gothic cathedral transom.

We have recently reproduced four round sash for dormers on one of the buildings of Harvard University.

Storefront in Beautiful Bayfield, Ontario

Many hours were spent recreating this lovely design.

LOW E argon thermal units were used to conserve energy.

The customer was pleased with the outcome - plus it came in under budget!

Window sash for the Scovil Forge in Higganum, CT. Thanks Ron!

Accoya 12/12 windows made for a client in Athens, Alabama, 2021

Custom window sash with colored Cathedral glass.


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