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Hoffmeyer's Mill was established in 1906 by Henry Hoffmeyer. It was previously a wooden well-pump factory with the original mainline-shaft dating back to the 1870's. Additional equipment had been added in the early 20th century over to manufacture wooden sash/storm windows along with wood mouldings, retail lumberand building materials. When Henry past away in 1926 his son Lorne took over the business. Lorne continued the successful business another 20 years retiring in 1945, selling the mill to his nephews/employees Carl and Otto Stoskopf. In 1974 Carl and Otto sold the business to John and Sharon Ogilvie effectively making them the second family to run the business. Otto and longtime employee Stan Schellenberger continued to work with John since he only had business sense and knew little about carpentry and lumber. Carl and son Steve Strasser also came onboard during the 70's. John and Sharon's son Reg began working in the mill fulltime in 1987.Then 10 years later, Reg made the next major step in placing the Mill online in June of 1997 with steady growth ever since. January 2005 son Reg and wife Ruth Ann purchased the mill from John and Sharon after they achieved more than 30 years of operation of this business. The '70's skeptics have long since silenced, for now we are in our 45th year and have entered the 21s century... still working on 19th century technology! We now help support 7 local families with the employment of ourselves and just as importantly, our employees.

picture from the 1950's or 60's


Picture from around year 2000



The Mill as pictured July 2005 here in Sebringville with plenty of sunshine! Please sit back, relax, and read onward taking the time for the many images on this site to load.

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A recent shot from inside the Mill showing our original fully operational main line shaft which dates back to the 1870's:



shots of the mill from the early 1970's

Then most all the lumber was kept under a roof! We now store all our lumber under a roof.

This building, and truck are no longer present.

New Building erected in 1979 has much more space. Most all lumber is stored under a roof!



An older photo of the main line shaft.

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