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Customer here is from NY state and did not feel the gingerbread was prominent enough on their home.

We altered our design to fit with his columns and the results are shown below.

The customer liked our design shown on our building so we altered it a little to suit his columns. Custom work is our specialty.



Thank you Matt for the business - and also for the great pictures!


Customer supplied baluster which had to be matched but extended to suit today's building code. Pictures supplied to us by customer showing the completed work. A closer look at a fine job. Thank you to Dale and Lisa in Billerica MA, USA (and the homeowner too!)
Hoffmeyer's Belly Balusters installed on a Toronto, Ontario home taken summer 2007 Curved rails can be fabricated to suit most application. Thanks to Joyce & Bill as well as Joe from Golden Hammer Renovations. Well Done!
Thanks Doug and BJ!
Local farm house with rebuilt porch. We supplied the fluted which we used with the original capitals These sawn balusters have a double bead on the top. We also supplied the sawn picket skirting. Watch for more pictures of the project as the upper rails is this years project. Thanks to Rose and Peter!
The St.Pierre's in Greely, Ontario
This porch is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario Custom millwork, Historic Reproduction is our specialty.
We can help make your deck out of the ordinary too! Thanks for the pictures Richard!
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