Reg Ogilvie, current owner, welcomes everyone to the Mill matter which door you enter!

The mill has employed 4-6 skilled craftsmen over the years plus Jackie, the bookkeeper

and various students and co-op's over the past 40+ years



Steven Strasser, licensed carpenter hard at work.



Photos courtesy of Irene Miller.


Above pictures John running pine mouldings , and in the background Carl is sizing a door insert on the jointer.

John (1944-2018) & Reg Ogilvie 44 and 33years exp.

Carl (Retired) and Steve Strasser 34 and 37 years experience.

Carl retired at the end of 2011. Thanks Carl for your years of service producing quality millwork.

We lost Carl in 2020, RIP, Carl.


John Walsh, machinist, joined our team in September 2009 and retired Dec 2017 - Thanks John!

Dave Faulhafer started working here at the mill in 2012

Jake Ney has joined the team full time in January and July of 2017


Auguest 2019

Linda Gilbert, our faithfull bookkeeper of 35 years has retired. Thank you Linda!

We also welcome Jackie MacArthur to the company.



A shot of the team from August, 2004. Steve and Reg still at it!


Stan Schellenberger worked in the mill for 37yrs, initially working for Carl and Otto Stoskopf

who were nephews of Lorne Hoffmeyer (son of Henry Hoffmeyer).

the infamous"Rabbitt" spring 1989- October 12, 2007


The staff at the mill combine for many years of woodworking and industry experience you can count on!




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