Screen & Storm Doors

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Our handcrafted doors set the first impression of your home.

Thanks for the pictures Jim & Lynn!

A Victorian screen insert for the combination door gives you two distinct looks for your home.

A full view screen only door with a "T-bar" dividing the screening in this case into 4 sections. The row of spindles is what we call a ladder.



Above you can see a 1 3/8" thick Hoffmeyer custom fancy Victorian combination screen and storm door. The exterior entry door behind we also made. This 1 3/4" thick door is a 4 raised panel design, also milled from #1 common solid Ontario White Pine with an extra panel moulding for more detail. All doors should be fit and hung with all hardware installed and working before it is stained or painted. Once you are satisfied with its operation, you immediately remove the door from the jamb, take off all hardware and proceed to finish the door equally on all of its surfaces. An even finish is very important on any wooden door.

A simple 2 lateral raised panel combination door with single lite screen/glass inserts.

Timeless classic beauty.

A double ladder screen, 9 lite offset storm combination door with two vertical raised panels.


Custom Design screen only door above, now hung in West Virginia USA. This customer faxed me an image of this design.

Above you see Scott's cedar porch in Ohio that we were asked to build a door for.

Give us the sizes and we can match proportions. Each door is made to order!


Full screens are not as pet/child friendly, adding a raised panel makes the screen last longer as it is higher up on the door plus the door is stonger. All screen doors have a 4 1/4" stile, and are milled from 1 3/8" thick solid White Pine. Fir , Cedar or other woods can also be used.

"Reg" style in blue and "Steve" style in Red with a bit of both beside. Combinations are endless. Each door is a one of a kind, built to your specifications to fit your style or application. You don't make it fit, we build it to fit.

Customer supplied bracket designs here. You can send me a template for your own custom look.

this is an example of a clear pine 9 lite combination with three raised panels and a double ladder screen. NICE!

Above you can see a custom 2 flat panel combo screen/glass door with a closeup of the panel mould detail below. This was done to match existig doors in the home instead of using our usual rasied panel design. This particluar door has a plain one lite screen and matching one lite storm window insert not shown..

Custom round top combination door with 8 true divided lights. The curved muntins which divide the glass are particularly difficult to master. There is hours of handwork required in order to do it right. See a close up below:

We have made similar doors for the same customer for other doorways in his home that were regular rectangular openings but we kept a similar theme throught. The V groove panels were custom made to match the existing main wood doors of the home. Custom millwork is our specialty! Email us your questions or ideas.

We can make one of a kind designs. What can you come up with?





email for any questions or comments.

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