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At Hoffmeyers, we build many different types of real, solid wood doors for interior or exterior applications. If you have an older home and are missing a door maybe we can help you find that match you seemed was impossible to obtain. Or perhaps you are building a new home and want somthing that stands out from the cookie cuter embossed designs made from masonite . Shown below are just a few interesting solid wood interior/exterior doors manufactured by Hoffmeyer's Mill. One man handcrafts each door using the same mortise and tenon joinery machines that have been producing fine millwork at this location sice 1906.

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Above shows you an exterior 1 3/4" thick 2 round top lite "tombstone" door with a matching 1 3/8" thick combination storm door. The storm door has an open one lite glass insert that will show off the round topped door behind with a 2 lite screen. Both of the above doors are milled in Ontario White Pine. Other woods can be used to suit your own application..

Below we have another variation only this example shows a heavy bolection panel moulding that is also applied to stop in the glass. Greater time is spent in this case as the moulding is turned on a lathe and then cut in two, and then the straight moulding is fabricated to match what was turned. Lots of craftmanship here!

Our craftsman have 30+ years in making custom wood doors, and it shows!


"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words"

The above image was given to us as a concept for the entry of a home in Michigan. Below you can see the Pine door and frame unit derived from this picture. The fir plywood on the corners of the frame are installed to keep the frame square prior to installation. The picture at right shows us the finished product. Thank you Marcia!

Show us your dreams and we can perhaps make them a reality!

Customers send us images of doors they have and we can make them a replacement or another size to match what they have.

Send us images of what you have along with what you need and we'll quote the job with no obligation!


A front entry system for Chuck and Katrina in Lafayette, Louisiana with a matching set of double doors below.


We also milled them a single man door with a thermopane single lite of glass:

3 panel solid Mahogany door (2 1/4") with panel moulding.


Above you can see a 2" thick African Mahogany entry for a new home in Mississauga, Ontario. Below you can see the matching side entry door. Very solid and very heavy doors.

Images of the doors finished and installed in their new home.


Another similar set made again from African Mahogany that is ready to ship to Leesburg, Virginia.


The doors are fit ot their frames but not hung. This is to be done onsite by a finish carpenter. The solid paenl door on its own is upwards of 200 pounds! Another closeup shot below of the raised panel detail.


Above shows you 1 3/4" thick solid Cherry doors with four raised panels. Each door weighs in at over 120 pounds!

Custom 4 raised panel door with extra panel moulding. Below is a closer look at the detail achieved only from handcrafted doors milled by one pair of hands. This is the kind of work done at Hoffmeyer's Mill.

Below you can see how we can match the style and proportion of your existing doors if you are missing some of the originals.

Below shows close-up detail of the quality our expert carpenters achieve.



Above shows a new 3 panel Hoffmeyer 9 lite door. Thanks Roy


A "John" style plain screen door shown here

Above is an 1 3/4" exterior door with frame. True divided lites with a heavy panel mould and a White Ash threshold.

A custom Pine french door with 15 true divided lites.

Show us your design and chances are, we can do it!

1 3/4" Clear Pine door with rolled cathedral glass.

Custom "Speakeasy" door in African Mahogany.

Another view from inside the home. Solid African Mahogany.

custom 1 3/4" Pine door for a log house in Rochester, VT

Clear Red Cedar door with arched top glass opening.

A traditional "Two Thirds" view door with two panels and lovely bolection mouldings.

All our doors are Handcrafted from solid wood (not wood product or engineered wood) with real tenons (not dowels or biscuits)

A door unit with arched transom and two 25" doors, clear Pine with raised panels and bolection mould for even more depth.


This Pine entry completed fall of 2021

I wish we could take credit for this beautiful glass work!


All pictures on our website show our work. It is not just a compilation of images. There are other websites using our images online for their benefit - without our permission." BUYER BEWARE!


See how we custom built a SOLID OAK entry for a customer in Tenessee HERE


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